How to have the high quality technical advice and service you need, real-time network monitoring, and help ensure your Computer Network stays healthy … at a FIXED PRICE.

Unreliable and badly designed computer networks cost businesses thousands of dollars each year through lost or unproductive time, frustrated customers, unskilled staff, and additional I.T. support costs.

The keys to a successful network are good system design, quality hardware, and a proactive approach to ongoing service and support.

We deliver an advanced, high quality, practical approach to IT Support Services – “The Network Services Support Program” (NSSP). NSSP is a fixed price managed service that provides all of the key ingredients to keep your network reliable and your staff working.

At the heart of our system is advanced network monitoring software that enables us to see problems before you do, and before a little problem becomes a big problem! As well as monitoring, our software produces monthly performance information so we can optimise your systems and help you plan for updates.

Here’re just some of the benefits of the NSSP Program:

1. Network Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance. 2. Monthly ‘Executive’ report. 3. Bi-Monthly Site Visit. 4. Site Manual. 5. Strategic Reviews. 6. Help Desk Support. 7. Emergency Call Out Response.

NSSP clients also enjoy other cost savings – by buying most of their hardware and software at “fixed margin” prices.